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Elgreco / Lupe Fiasco

Elgreco spotted with Lupe Fiasco

On Sat. September 3rd, 2011 several artists from all different musical genres came to Greensboro for the 1st Annual Triad Music Festival hosted by 105.7.  Of the many talented artists Lupe Fiasco was the headliner. Since Lupe was coming to the home of Level 3 Productions and to the back yard of our own hometown recording artist El Greco, they got the opportunity to meet face to face.

The New Boyz (most famous for their hit single “You’re a Jerk”) opened for Lupe Fiasco. El Greco and his lovely girlfriend had back stage passes to the event, giving them access to watch the show as close as possible, meet Lupe and his band, Lupe’s tour manger, and The New Boyz.

Several exciting connections were made after the show. El Greco’s promotion manager and Lupe’s tour manager have a long time professional relationship giving El Greco and Lupe Fiasco the chance to speak. El Greco got the opportunity to and share his own art with Lupe; giving Lupe a copy of “The Alpha Is The Omega” and a copy of Artist Magazine with El Greco on the cover and interview inside. El Greco also got the pleasure of meeting Lupe’s very talented band members. El Greco and Lupe’s drummer (also a producer), Bam Alexander (who has toured with Jay-Z) talked about definitely collaborating in the near future. El Greco and Ben J of The New Boyz also spoke of a possible collaboration. Every member of Level 3 made Lupe Fiasco and his extended family know that they are more then welcome to record in El Greco’s new studio H.O.T.C. (Heart of The City-which will be opening in 2012