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Likos – Sneak Peak

We had the chance to take a sneak peek into the creation of the new comic book loosely based on the life of El Greco. The main character Agapios Nick Likos is not only a Super star M.C. that goes by the name “Agapios” but he is The Last Disciple and the fulfillment of a prophecy ikn the lost scriptures known as “The Legend of Likos”. Unlike most super heroes Agapios is not fighting crime, but Evil. Along the story line we find Hell has been waiting for the lowest point in humanity to arrive to take over Earth and all man kind. That time has come… Agapios has Super Star status which allows him to lead a normal life being himself instead of hiding his other persona.

Though this episode is going to be the first issue, it is going to take place right in the middle of the the series. This issue is going to show a typical day in the life of “Agapios” where he is juggling his love life with his girlfriend Karmen Mareno, his life as an artist, and of course battling against Evil as it begins to surface for world domination.